I moved to Iceland on holidays 2018. The place in which I found myself was a plateu, from the North-East closed with volcanoes covered by the glaciers, and from the West by the canyon formed in a place where two tectonical plates: the Indo-European and the North-American collide with each other. Third border belongs to Atlantic Ocean. Through the edge of my hill runs historical trail called Asavegur, today overgrown and not in use anymore, that leads, in general, from the North to the South. Its final stop was the city of Eyrabakki. In fact, however it was culmination of several roads that surrounded the glaciers in order to avoid passage across the glacial rivers. The place I live in is located almost on the trail. Natural, vigillant and carefull contact with this place allows me to create a photographic essay, a portrait of abandoned road which is touching volcano's slopes, sneaking through valleys and slowly passing plateus still hold a memory of its significant meaning. A matter of the story is also Icelanders everyday life, so prosaic, usual, nature-close and still under the influence of phenomena such as storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity. I would like to present how Iceland, nowadays, is not so different than in 9th century when started to be colonialised. It's such a luck to be a part of wild reality, standing majestical, untouched by the architecture and human's activity. In my artistic practice I'm using creative process as a medium of creation, while working with various techniques, oftenly by experimentating with materials and tools, by changing their already known, proper destiny. A YEAR ALONG THE ABANDONED ROAD starts in the shortest day of the year, December 22, and will be continued throughout the year. The title is borrowed from Morten Skallerund's movie-portrait of the village named Borfjord in northern Norway, samely magical and abandoned place as the one I live in. 

I am taking the pictures with anaglyph camera (with two lenses), which, on a single frame does two separated pictures - this is to create 3D picture if using color film. However, I am using black and white one, which creates wide field to work on a double image, and later, in an irradiating process, to manipulate with it. That kind of "repeating" motives will simbolically show past and present of the trail and its surrounding area. First scans of shoots I will get in the end of April 2019, then, as a sketches, they will be digitally processed, to be finally manually prepared in a dark room.