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pencil, typewriter



40 works of A4 seem to be at a first glance ordinary, common document. Whole composition was built on the old paper, which specific attribute is an inevitable process of a decomposition. The decomposition is not only related with a material but also with the data I have stored on it. We are dealing with a force over which I cannot control because my opponent is the time. The only thing I can do is to document the work and wait in suspense for the continuation of their evolution, already independent from me and from anybody.  

Drawings are beeing created since 2010. And even though they are quite different from the great scale, great (or it is better to say: small ) stretch of space, resulting in another time, in another place and in quite different conditions of my life in which it was located, their content is saturated with exactly the same substance and result of these researches have mentioned earlier. However, their structure is much more literal than my “black square” ("Perhaps you will see more"). This is due to the fact that these works, each individually, are constructed from a combination of pencil drawing and text typed, abstract, but very easy to assimilate as para-knowledge texts. In most cases they are entirely invented by me, but it is also a few comments that are collages of scientific articles on space, physics and biology. I made them a kind of alternative cosmology.