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pencil, typewriter




hard coal object, 400x400 cm

Since the beginning of the formal crystallization of the idea of my work, its dimensions have been determined by a square the size of four meters. Number 4 refers to the four corners of the world, and thus the four directions of propagation of energy from the point of intersection of the diagonals of the figure. It also means Absolute, the four elements of the world, the Universe, Earth , space, uniformity, body.
To create this installation, I was looking for a substance whose symbolism would expand its meaning. After a few formal tests, I decided to use hard coal, because, first of all, it was relatively plastic (it gives the possibility of obtaining a very large variety of element sizes, as well as a wide light reflection spectrum), secondly, carbon is also an element circulating around the world and bonding everything together. This material also created a completely unintentional, but very accurate narrative regarding the decomposition, evanescence, conversion, periodicity of events, elemental flow, etc. Based on this figure, I made an object that was supposed to be a „slice” of the cosmos. I have been extending the series of drawings included in this installation to this day. It currently consists of 50 works. They combine two separate means of expression: drawing and text. Each work was done on the same surface: paper from the sixties with the dry-transfer lettering sheets and texts written on a typewriter, also purchased in the sixties in the USA. Thus, the prepared document almost became the original. The theme was space. At first, I was interested in the problem of providing information and knowledge about the cosmos: a scientific language incomprehensible to most people, provided with imagination-stimulating photos and illustrations.