curator: marta lisok


exhibition: domestic animals 


place: bunkier sztuki gallery of contemporary art in krakow


pencil, tin


200x300 cm

In her works, inspired by alchemical symbols, the artist tracks the processes of transmutation. It typically makes use of highly symbolic materials like wax or coal. She is particularly attracted to the nigredo phase, in which all the elements are mixed up, melted and destroyed, necessary to create a new quality.
Descending into charlatanry, Mędrala uses spells and protective actions. She uses a monotonous scratching motion as a kind of private mantra. Prepared by her carefully pencil drawn, A monstrous plane of paper, which she has carefully prepared with pencil marks and leaned against the wall with a stand, halfway between hanging and sliding down to the floor, is the result of the recovery of impotence and anxiety. Dispersed thoughts are trapped in a thicket of strokes plotted on paper. They remain at accumulation the stage, ready to take shape, from which soothing signs could form. The persistent, weeks-long work of hand and pencil does not contribute to registering any thoughts on a piece of paper. The black surface appears here as the sign of an accumulation of ideas that are scattered a moment after they have appeared.

Marta Lisok, qoute from the exhibition text